My story

I’m Bassem ALMARZOUKI, Usability tester and digital Marketer based in Tunisia with over 4 years experience, I’m graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Management of Sfax ,Tunisia in 2016, with a master Degree in Marketing Communication. I consider myself to be a very ambitious and driven personality, seeking professional growth in my line of work.

My specialty is email marketing, social media and seo, my job is to make people do certain things: fill in a registration form, like a facebook post, share a blog article, open an email or click the buy button in an online shop. All of these actions are based on psychological principles.


Certified By The American-Canadian Board


As a digital marketer, I’ve discovered that it’s a lifetime of thinking about creativity and new ideas, customers and content, digital and technology, metrics and analysis. Okay, it’s really about life and how everyone, including myself interacts with it. Yep… Life and marketing is all mixed up, like pasta.


In addition to my Certification as a Digital Marketing Trainer, I stay up to date in the digital marketing field by attending training webinars, listening to podcasts and following numerous digital marketing thought leaders and organizations. When I find something that works I share it with Newfound Marketing’s expanding roster of clients.

Feedback & Reviews

” Great experience. He knows what he is doing! So happy and would definitely recommend!!.  “



” I am pleased to work with Bassem. Always delivers what you ask for and even more. Highly recommended!.  “


Manager at TREE tunisia

” Bassem was prompt and professional  I am totally satisfied with the work he did for me and highly recommend him!.  “


Business Development Managerat DynamiX JAVA SPRL

What can I do for you?

 I’m a Google adwords and SEO Specialist

Set up, update, and optimize campaigns in Google Ads and Bing Ads (campaign types include search, display, shopping, and video), Install advertising (Google Ad Words, Ad Sense, You Tube Advertising) on website and You Tube .This includes conducting keyword research, drafting PPC , making landing page recommendations, managing bids, etc.
Run and analyze campaign reports from Google & Bing Ads, and Google Analytics and Conduct SEO and analytics audits

I have been working with maxbounty as CPA Marketer

My Online marketing strategies and plans using scial media , Ad compain and Email Marketing will help you to get more online exposures, more traffic, more leads, more sales and revenues!

I’m a Facebook Ads and Linkedin Ads Specialist 

I will implement the Company’s Social Media Strategy, develop brand awareness, generate inbound traffic and cultivate leads and sales. I guarantee and responsible to drive NICHE TARGETED Visitors to you using Linkedin ads and Facebook ads
Run and analyze campaign reports from Facebook & linkedin Ads

Need advice?

If you have any questions at all about starting your Ad campaign or email marketing plan please do not hesitate to contact me

Let me help you overshoot your goals in the right ways.