Freshbooks vs QuickBooks: Who Wins?

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Regardless of whether it is a multi-million dollar corporation, a small town mom-and-pop business, or a single-person enterprise, every size business needs cost-effective and reliable business accounting software. Luckily, there are several online accounting services which are capable of handling the needs of the growing and ever-changing business world. Three comparable choices for the best small business accounting software are Freshbooks, Less Accounting, and QuickBooks.

QuickBooks include:

Simple Start

Desktop Accounting Software Versions of QuickBooks
QuickBooks also has a reputation for being the most trusted small business accounting software service as it is the most used by small and medium-sized businesses. QuickBooks is also the most economical small business accounting service.

Freshbooks offers four plans and has grown over the years, increasing the amount of features available. They are also one of the few who offer time tracking abilities. Their entry-level plan is most comparable to QuickBooks Simple Start. However, their highest level plan is the most expensive when compared to plans from Less Accounting and QuickBooks.

The Freshbooks plans include:

Mighty Oak
Less Accounting compares itself outright to QuickBooks. They have three plans which cost more than QuickBooks and offer less for the money. However, they do fit the needs of today’s freelancer or independent contractor. Their freelancer plan is twice as much as the QuickBooks plan for self-employed freelancers and independent contractors.

Plans from Less Accounting include:

Small business edition
Super powered edition
Price Range


From an introductory rate of $10.36 a month for Simple Start to $69.47 a month for Essentials with payroll services added on. Self-employed QuickBooks is only $4.99, then $9.99 after the first year.
Payroll services include a $2 fee per employee per month
30 day free trial

From $12.95 a month to $79.95 a month for the highest level of service
30 day free trial
Less Accounting:

$20 a month for freelancers to $54 a month for the highest plan with Less Accounting.
14 day free trial
60 day money back guarantee
Standard Features
All three offer what they refer to as basic accounting services. However, there are differences that could easily set one apart from the others, depending on the needs of the users and the exact small business accounting software required to help a business grow and succeed.


Track income
Track expenses
Create estimates
Create custom invoices
Credit card and PayPal capabilities for an added fee
Payroll for an added fee
Unlimited number of clients/customers
Unlimited number of invoices

Time tracking
Expense tracking
Create invoices
Create estimates
Convert estimates to invoices
Credit card and PayPal capabilities for an added fee
Limited invoices and clients, starting at only 5 for the basic plan. Unlimited is only available with top priced plan
No payroll options
Less Accounting
Expense tracking
Create invoices
Create estimates
Convert estimates to invoices
Credit card and PayPal capabilities for an added fee
Unlimited number of clients
Unlimited number of invoices
No payroll services
What Businesses Would Best Benefit From Using Each?
QuickBooks is the most versatile and comprehensive business accounting software option. While versatile, it is best suited for:

Self-employed freelancers
Independent contractors
Growing businesses who may need upgrades down the line as they add employees and increase accounting needs.
Companies looking for maximum flexibility within their accounting – especially in terms of upgrading and downgrading services without losing key features
Freshbooks has capabilities that set it apart from the others and also makes it ideal for a number of situations including:

Anyone who needs time tracking, as they are the only one of the three small business accounting software services that includes this feature.
Small businesses, particularly businesses with one employee.
Not ideal for any business who needs to track inventory.
Less Accounting works fine for a number of situations including:

Small businesses that do not need payroll or inventory services.
Freelancers and independent contractors, even though it cost more than others.
QuickBooks, Less Accounting, and Freshbooks can all meet the general small business accounting needs that companies are vying for today. The best small business accounting software will ideally meet basic needs, allow for expansion and added features, while providing affordable options for the user.

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